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Monday, July 21, 2008

Because Chase Bank Sucks

If anyone out there is still reading, I could really use your comments here to pass along to Chase Bank.  Last Friday I deposited my paycheck from my first week at work--a 72 hour work week.  I have the receipt to show that a deposit was made on that day.  However, according to Chase Bank. this transaction never happened.

There is no record on Chase Bank's computer of the transaction.  No entry that says a deposit was made, the money is pending, nothing.  The little slip of paper I received after I made the deposit only states the amount, the last four digits of my account number, the branch address and a transaction number.  Apparently, none of these numbers were capable of effectively calling up this transaction.  

I spent a large portion of the day on the phone, punching in numbers as I was passed from one automated system to another.  When I finally got through to a person, they told me I'd need to call the branch that accepted the deposit.  Unfortunately, whenever I called that number, I found myself back in the same automated system I'd just come from.  Insisting some one transfer me directly to the location led me to a woman at a different location.  She was kind, took down the same information for the third time, and told me she'd put in a request for an "inquiry."  When I finally dragged Eliza to the bank and produced the receipt, the woman at customer service said that yes indeed an inquiry had been made and I should be contacted shortly.

The end of the day rolled around with no contact.  When I called the 1-800 number, this time to file a complaint, I detailed the information a fourth time.  No answers were provided, no promises to rectify the matter were made.  The receipt I've been given apparently is useless in terms of tracking down exactly how my money was misplaced.  Basically, the woman told me I'd have to wait 48 hours and then return to the branch with my receipt in hand.  I asked her repeatedly why the receipt wasn't proof enough that the transaction happened and she again replied, "I'm sorry, I understand your frustration."

I desperately need that money that Chase Bank can't find.  I was pretty sick all day because of this.  I explained to the woman today that I don't have the time tomorrow to spend on the phone in the hope that they'll fix what they've done.  I realize that mistakes do happen but their inability to offer any real assurance that the problem will be solved and that the receipt is proof that I made a deposit is inhumane, cruel and completely unacceptable.

Sing it loud, sing it clear, Chase Bank sucks, they suck, they suck.  They have to fix this, immediately.


Lynn P. said...

(From Lynn)
Hey Girl- Whoa....This totally sucks!! I'll try to drop you a real Email later today, but in the meantime, you might want to start the process of filing a formal complaint with the Federal Reserve. It won't fix the matter altogether, but at least it will let your Chase branch know that you mean business. Here's the link. Print the complaints out and bring them with you to the branch when you go to follow up.

Good luck. Talk to you soon.

Patty said...

Anything resolved?

I am a constant reader - just couldn't remember my sign-in information to leave comments.

good luck.

Eileen said...

Unbelievable! And I'm in total agreement. Chase totally sucks. Seriously: moving our accounts from Chase to USAA is on the top of my to-do list of things that never get done. Chase started this chain reaction of overdraft fees right after Maya was born (true, I may have been a little late in replenishing our checking account-- but STILL) and they acted like all the Chase companies are not connected (Visa cards, debit cards, overdraft etc). So we were scrambling to fix the situation. It was a nightmare. Have you had any luck getting the money?