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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hi, I'm still here.  Thanks for the shout out from Patty, all is fine here, its been almost one month since my last blog confession.  Eliza is doing so much cute, fun stuff lately, I've been thinking how I need to come back here and write them down before I forget them.

Eliza's favorite word of the moment is "Yes."  She says it very clearly with the Y and the S enunciated.  She sounds so much like a little adult.  If I hold up a pair of tights and say, "Would you like to wear these?" she says "Yes."  If I hand her a toy she likes, she says "Yes."  In the middle of the night when she wakes up talking to herself, she says "Yes, you can do that.  Yes."  I am not doing the cuteness of this work justice.  Its something I must get up and running on video but the second I come at Eliza with the video camera, she turns into the photographer herself and heads straight for the eye piece.  Like a true TV actor, she knows where the lens is and unlike a true TV actor, she chooses to hide from it.

Speaking of TV, I've left the show I've been working on since June called "Fringe."  While I liked the actors enormously, the hours on the show were too much for me.  It seems there was one overnight scheduled per episode and I just can't be coming home on Saturday mornings at 7am with an almost three-year-old.  The person I started the job with quit back in September and they've been scrambling to find some one to replace her.  In the meantime, I was offered to job share with a fellow script supervisor I really like so I opted to jump off "Fringe" and jump onto "Cupid."  

I've never, ever left a job early so it was not an easy decision to make.  While Cupid might have slightly better hours that Fringe, I still expect it will not be a picnic.  The big pro was being able to job share with my friend, who was willing to work through November so I had plenty of time to give my notice.  Cupid is also on an eight day per episode schedule, a slightly easier schedule to navigate than Fringe, where episodes tended to balloon into 10-11 days with reshoot days added on later.  

So now I'm enjoying some time off with my little girl who turns three on Friday.  I'm having a lasagna party for her at school on Friday and then a mermaid-themed birthday party in our apartment on Saturday.  I'm easily overwhelmed and right now I'm a little anxious about everything going well for both parties.  My daughter loves birthdays and birthday cakes and for the first time, she seems very aware that her birthday is here.  I want it to be a wonderful weekend for her.  

Thanks all for checking in and I promise to write more regularly for the next few weeks.  Happy November to all!

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heiresschild said...

wow! you were working on "Fringe." that's one of the biggest hit t.v. shows of the season. although i had to let it go because it was conflicting with my channel 9 program, The Mentalist, i hope to pick up the re-runs.