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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recital Day

Eliza's second recital was a wonder to behold. I think it's more of a special occasion to me than it is to my daughter at this point. It's certainly one of the highlights of the year. This year's recital was marred by my mother's absence. My mom is very sick and knowing she was too weak to attend her granddaughter's recital made the event very bittersweet. I tried to put on a game face for Eliza but all day I felt like crying. I know how much my mother wanted to see her in her costume, up on stage. I'm so worried about my mother right now but that's a whole other issue.

Eliza looked so beautiful in her costume. She was definitely much more into the experience of performing this year. She loves all of it, getting her hair "bunned," the makeup and then stepping into her gorgeous costume.

I thought I'd be depressed but once the lights came up on my girl, I felt nothing but joy and pride. There she was front and center, displaying a real grace and quality of movement. Not only did she know most of both dances, she smiled for much of them. The nerves and joylessness of the first year were gone and she seemed genuinely happy to be there.

As always, these days seem long when the recital drags on forever and my poor girl is tired, but then it's all over and that's it. I spent the entire afternoon with these girls today and now I probably won't see most of them again next year. So often in life, just when you're getting to know some one or something, it disappears.

But still, what a wonderful day. I happily look forward to next year.

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The Other Elle said...

Wow, Eliza is really turning into a beautiful young lady -- she looks a lot like her mama!

We're praying for your mom. I wish I had better words of comfort for you, but all I can say is, "Do the best you can. Make sure you tell Mom that you love her and have appreciated her support over the years. Talk to your mom about her parents and grandparents -- all of those little stories of family history should be written down because the girls or their children may want to know some day. Or you might want to write a book! Allow your good times with your girls to comfort you. Know that life goes on and that you are a good mother who is raising smart, beautiful, talented, kind, and loving daughters. Stay strong."

And holler if you need us.