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Friday, May 31, 2013


Yesterday morning was a glorious beach day.  I went with my darling Elena before school, before it got too hot.  I think my back got a tiny bit burned as this happens when you're a single mom, on the beach with an adorable four year old.

It was a busy day because both girls had tech rehearsal for the recital tonight.  I ended up showering Elena at the beach, dropping her off at school, having lunch and then picking Elena up early for rehearsal.  With no time to shower or change myself, I spent the day in my blue bathing suit with a dress overtop of it.

When rehearsal for both girls finally ended around 5:30, I peeled off my sweaty dress to cook dinner in my swimsuit.  Eliza, still dressed in her light blue leotard, leaped around the house, excited for her recital the following night.  I pointed to her leotard and then to my swimsuit and said, "Twins."

"Huh?"  Eliza looked at me confused.

"We're twins."  I pointed again to her blue leotard and to my swimsuit.  My swimsuit is more of a bright turquoise and her leotard is more of a powder baby blue but here we both were, going about our business at home in our blue one pieces.  In my world, that makes us twins.

Eliza grinned broadly.  "Twins, I get it!"  And we grabbed each other's hands.

Suddenly Elena barreled, grabbing at each of our hands.

"What about me?" she growled.  "Not twins," she said, busting up our hands and demanding a circle.  "Triplets."

I didn't even know that she was aware of that concept but there she was, my little one, demanding to be part of the pack.  It's so fitting.  There we were, the three of us, in our own little circle.


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