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Friday, June 14, 2013

Recital days

Here are some photos from Eliza's fourth dance recital and Elena's first.  This was our first time having to attend all four recitals, with Eliza drawing the Friday night, Saturday day slot and Elena pulling the Saturday night/Sunday matinee slot.  I still have to upload more of Elena's photos from that wonderful weekend but here's what I have so far.   Eliza's recital experience was stressful with a lot of quick costume and tight changes.  But even with all the stress, she still got up on stage and performed with a huge smile on her face.  She has really grown up.  After a near meltdown, referring to herself as a failure because she couldn't change her tights fast enough, Eliza went back onstage and performed flawlessly.  Elena's was just more fun.  Elena didn't do much during any of the rehearsals but some how on stage she actually felt compelled to do the little steps.  I'm not going to say she actually knew her dances or did more than half the steps but sitting in the audience with Eliza at my side, watching Elena's little white tights with white tap shoes and big yellow ribbons go up in the air when she did her little kicks was absolutely thrilling.  It was truly wonderful to experience that first recital with my precious Eliza there to see it too.  She was so excited to see her sister not just stand there I can't describe how it felt to share that joy with her.  I am so in love with these girls.

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