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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Mama

Lucky me, I seem to have contracted a milder but still very uncomfortable form of the stomach flu that afflicted Eliza last week.  I'm not puking but my stomach but I'm experiencing almost unbearable nausea and last night I had a fever and chills.  So far this morning, it seems the nausea has decreased and I feel a little stronger but I don't feel capable to sit up for long periods of time.

I got a job yesterday.  It doesn't pay but it'll give me magazine writing experience.  I'm thrilled that I made it through the interview yesterday.  I felt okay while we were sitting there but when we stood up, suddenly I really thought I'd keel over.  Then my new boss paraded me through the office to meet and greet my new co-workers which was a study in stamina for me.  I hope I didn't pass along this dreadful parasite to these poor unsuspecting people.  

I'm resting now while C entertains Eliza.  Hopefully I'll feel well enough later on today to make the short trip to my mother's with Eliza.  I'm terrified about passing this bug on so I might wait a day.


The Other Elle said...

Congrats on the job! Will you be able to do it from home? Keep us posted!

We have a fair amount of immunity to most "bugs" in my family. With three children in three different schools, we are exposed to a wide variety of them! That being said, we were ALL miserable with the stomach bug this month. And I swear we had three different strains that we kept passing around and around...

Do your mom a favor, unless she works with the public and has built up immunities of her own -- stay home for a day or two! My mom catches every darn thing my children bring to her house. The guilty feeling I get when we've made her sick is worse than being nauseated, myself!

heiresschild said...

congrats on your new job; perhaps you'll get a paying one from this one.

i had that flu bug for about 2 weeks. really knocked me off of my feet. i hope you're over it at this posting.