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Monday, March 9, 2009

A week on a Blackberry

Here's some of the correspondence from my Blackberry last week.  This thing really came in handy though I had to call Verizon twice last week because the web and email weren't working.  Some of the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


FROM DAVID (friend who moved to Israel in 2007): Hey Darlin', 
I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom.  I absolutely will keep her in my prayers.  Fran rocks.  Tell her I said so.  I hope you're feeling ok with the pregnancy and all.  Wish we were closer so we could be with you and hug you.  When Miri (his wife, my close friend Meredith) was sick, you were the most awesome of friends.  I will never forget that.  Perhaps one of the reasons I love you.  Hang in there and let us know how she is doing.  A lot of miles between us but sending all our love...

TO MY FRIEND LORI: Hi, my mom has a brain tumor.  I am okay but pretty shaken up.  You're visiting your folks this week?  I hoped you missed the big snowstorm.

FROM sorry abt your mom!  What do the doctors say abt treatment/prognosis?

TO LORI: Don't know anything and my mother is alone so hav to get info from her which is hard for her.  Wen u go to parents?

FROM LORI: Just read the blog entries...God, so sorry for what u went thru--can't even imagine how terrifying it must have been.  We leave early tomorrow am but if u need to talk, please don't hesitate to call

TO LORI: Your father is a neurologist, right?  Ok if I contact u once I know what's going on (if necess).  Still trying to reach Mom's doctor.  It sux being here.

FROM LORI: Of course!  Call anytime, and if there's any way I can help or any info my dad can provide, we will do whatever we can. Try to hang in there...

TO LORI: I'm ok, just going a little crazy cuz my mom is alone.  Gonna leave E w C for the 1st time to go there later this wk.  Maybe hav better shot of talking to dr in person.  

TO LORI: Finally spoke to her dr.  Hav to do mri in next 24hrs then biopsy.  Sed tumor in accessible location-not sure if it will b biopsy or they try to get it all.  know more after mri.

FROM LORI: Ok.  Sending good thoughts your way and hers.  

FROM MOM'S FRIEND JACKIE: Please keep me informed about Fran.  I am so upset.  I hope to God that this is benign.  She has suffered enough.  Keep me abreast of how she is and tell her that I have asked for her.  Your mother is a fighter, it's been a long big fight, but she will hang in there.  Take care, Jackie


TO LORI: any way your dad can check on neurosurgeon dr simon salerno in wall, nj?  Frontal lobe brain tumor, did mri this morn.  Moms regular dr saw mri report, sed it lks like they think its benign tho not certain til biopsy.  Regular dr sed bigger issue  is size and location, needs to get out fast

FROM LORI: I will ask my dad abt the doctor.  when are you going to nj or are you already there?

TO LORI:  going to nj tomorro.  Spoke to neuro office today-they gd about calling me+ they still think its benign due to location.  Probly hav surgery on thurs to remove as much of tumor as can.

FROM MY FRIEND MARY: Let me know if your mother needs anything and I can stop by the hospital.  

FROM LORI: My dad says not a lot of info on record abt dr. salerno.  sounds pretty young.  at most has abt 6yrs experience-which could be good bc he is probably up on all the newest technology.  Dad also says frontal lobe benign tumor has greatest sucess of full recover.  Most risky part abt it is the surgery.  make sure your mom's anesthesiologist has full medical background on her heart issues, etc.

TO LORI: thanks for asking your dad.  They did an ekg on mom today and hav to run an echo 2morro to clear her for surgery so I think they know about heart issues.  Her dr sed she needs it-fast.


FROM C'S MOM: Dear Lisa, C called and told us about your mother.  We were so sorry to hear.  We hope the operation will go well and that the recovery will be smooth and uneventful.  I know your mother has had health issues and I am saddened that she has another one to face.  I can only imagine how hard this must be on you.  I know how very close you are with your mother.  And this should be such a joyous time as you await the birth of the new baby.  Please let your mother know that she is in our thoughts and prayers, as are you.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  You just need to let me know.

TO LORI: Mom cleared for surgery.  Prob now is Dr. Salerno goes on vacay on fri so if they can't sched it 4 tomorro, not sure who will do it.  Apparently can't wait til he gets back.

FROM LORI: Why wouldn't they be able to do it tomorrow as long as she's cleared to go?

TO LORI: Scheduling with hospital.  It lks like she is schedule 4it but neuro didn't tell her, the endicrinologist  sed sched get instruct from nite nurse.  I was at her place getting her stuff so never even met Salerno.  Can u ask your father how long she mite be in hosp after surgery.  Hav to go back to NY + afraid they might release her rite away.  I don't she she shld be home alone but I can't leave E for too long.  

TO LORI: Nurse is running thru all this stuff w nite nurse + its just terrifying listening to this shit.

FROM LORI: My dad wants to know exactly what type of tumor it is...Glyoma or meningioma or glyoblastoma or something else.  as far as hosp stay, he says it depends on how she responds to surgery.  Cld be as little as 2-3 days.  

TO LORI: I'm not sure but I think it mite be meningioma.  

FROM LORI: He says usually very good prognosis on meningiomas.  

TO LORI: yeah dr I spoke to yesterday seemed very positive but I don't kno if they always make it snd like that or what.  She has to have mra of sinus tonite-nurse told her they mite go in thru her nose and my mom's like less I know, better.

TO LORI: Finally met dr salerno.  Sed thinks its mengioma but can't say 2 100 percent certainty until actually in there.  Biggest prob is tumor on main artery that drains blood from the head so hav to be careful around that artery.  Postponed vacay to mon to follow-up.

TO MY FRIEND MARY: Surgery scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  If you can stop by and sit with me for some of it, that would be great.

FROM LORI: Glad he's able to stay.  What time is surgery tomorrow?

TO LORI: Aft, not exact set time.  Took me 20mins to get car in Moms driveway cuz snow.  Exhausted.  Talk soon.  Hav fun w your daughter.  I miss my girl.


FROM MY COUSIN PAT: Lisa, I figured you were having a long day at the hospital, but wasn't sure other than to leave a message how to get in touch.  I feel bad that you are there by yourself.  Hospitals are not the best of places to be, let alone being alone and worrying.  After we got off the phone, the brain kicked in gear and I started wondering about all of her health issues, medication that she is on (blood thinners, etc.) and wondering how that would affect or if it would allow surgery.  Then there is the concern with her heart.  Life has certainly not been kind to your mom.  Just to let you know that you have both been in my thoughts and prayers.  Did not know if you mentioned this to anyone else.  I wish I could give you a big hug right now.  Tell our mom we are thinking of her and praying that all goes well.

FROM MY FRIEND DAVID: I have your mom in my prayers.  Let us know her # at the hospital.  We'd like to call her... (I told my mother she ranks higher than me, they never call me from Israel.)

FROM C'S MOM: I hope the surgery is going well.  Keep us updated when you can.  I was so happy to hear that Mary will be with you.  It will help to have that support.

TO MY COUSIN PAT: Thanks for your nice message.  I just wanted to let you know Mom's surgery isn't scheduled until 4pm so I won't have any news until much later.

FROM C'S MOM:  We will be thinking of you both at 4pm.  Give your Mom a hug and one for you too.

FROM PAT: How is she??  I'll bet she is so afraid.  Please let her know that she is in my thoughts, prayers--you too.  Do they have any idea of how long the surgery will be?? Is there anyone with you?

TO PAT: She is very thirsty because they won't let her drink anything until after the surgery.  Other than that, she is fine but she won't be if they don't take her at 4 (which is often the case at hospitals).  I'm fine-my friend mary will come by at some point and so is my father.  The surgeon told me the surgery will take 3-4 hrs but I'm not buying it.  I know that it always takes longer than that so I'm prepared for it.  I just hope they really hav her by 4:30 or so.  Its not easy waiting to hav yr skull cut open.

TO MY FRIEND LORI: Oh my god, if I hav to hear my mother complain about her constipation again I'm going to go insane.  Surgery sched for 4

FROM LORI: Could be worse.  Could be diarrhea...

TO MY COUSIN KATHY: I just wanted to let you know my mom is in the hospital.  She has a brain tumor they think is benign but its big and has to be removed.  She is scheduled to hav surgery late today.  Sorry to be telling you this in an email but everything is happening very fast.  I was on the phone with her Sunday night when suddenly she had some kind of seizure.  I called her neighbor, they broke in the house and rode to the hospital with her and now here we are.  the neurosurgeon appears pretty good + if surgery goes well, she should be ok.  

I hav not told Gram yet, not sure when that will happen.  I want to wait until after the surgery so should you speak to Gram and Pap, please don't mention it.

4:54 pm--TO MY FRIEND MARY WHO SAT IN THE OR WAITING ROOM WHILE I SAT WITH MY MOTHER IN THE HOLDING AREA BEFORE THE OR: Just sitting here in another waiting room with mom waiting...

FROM MARY: Ok, we're in the other waiting room

5:37pm--TO MARY: Still just sitting here.  No dr, nothing.  I wonder if they're even going to do surgery @ this point its so late.  

FROM MARY: Oh I hope they do it.  They shouldn't make her wait likes this.  Keep me posted.

FROM MY COUSIN KATHY: Thanks for letting me know about your mom.  How did the surgery go for her.  How long will she be in the hospital?  Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do.

FROM MY MOTHER'S CLOSE FRIEND DORIS: I am so glad you contacted me about your mother's surgery.  I am very concerned and would like to know how the surgery went.  Please keep me posted on how things are going.  My prayers and best wishes are with you.

2:39am--TO KATHY: Mom's finally done with surgery.  dr sed she's ok.  Exhausted, more later.

2:40am--TO PAT: She's finally out of surgery.  dr. sed it went well.  Exhausted.  more tomorrow.

FROM MEREDITH, MY CLOSE FRIEND: What's going on with your mom??  David told me last night.  apparently he had forwarded an email to me from you that didn't have the whole story.  Its a tumor?  She had surgery today??  pls let me know whats going on with her and with you.  I am so concerned for her and for you.  Pls let me know asap.  I love you.

FROM C'S MOM: I am so glad to hear it went well.  I will be watching for the next update.  I hope you are doing okay.

TO MEREDITH: Mom was in surgery until 3a.  Dr. said it went well+ he got most of the tumor out.  He really doesn't think tumor was malignant but have to wait for the pathology report.  I saw her briefly after the surgery.  She looked to be in pain and she was very upset that I was still there.  I am sorry she had to go through this but happy they could do something about it.  What a week!  last week @ this time we had no idea she had a brain tumor.  Now she's recovering from a craniotomy.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers and thanks for checking in.  

FROM PAT: You poor little thing--you really had a LONG day yesterday.  I noticed the time you sent the email.  So glad to hear the surgery went well.  Now if the recovery can go as well that will be wonderful.  

FROM MOM'S FRIEND JACKIE: Thank you Lisa.  I was holding breath until your email.  

FROM LORI: Just wanted to check in on you.  How are things?

TO LORI: Hi, mom in surgery last night til 3am but supposedly it went well.  I called ICU to see how she's doing and her nurse sed she's ok, just complaining about her constipation.  The more things change, the more they stay the same...

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