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Monday, January 4, 2010

Should have named her Joia

Yes, I'm back in 2010. All it takes is a few comments to bring me back here to talk about me, myself and I. Or me and my two wonderful daughters. We are all sick here at chez Midlife Mama so I'm going to have to be brief tonight. But if you check in and read this, I promise to add a few photos of the girls over the next few days.

2009 ended well. We are enjoying life here in our new home and I managed to eke out a little bit of work on a new show called "White Collar." I'm still looking for a "real job," something a little closer to home but I'm grateful the TV work came in and allowed me to pay my rent for three months in a row without dipping into my savings. It's a good show to work on and I hope I can work on it some more when it resumes shooting some time in March.

My mother is doing okay, thanks to those who've asked. She's often watched my girls when I've worked and I have to say that she is never more my mother than when she is babysitting her granddaughters. I don't know that what I'm doing is good for her or safe for the girls but when I call her while I'm at work, it's one of the rare times I talk to my mother, the woman she was before all the health issues that have plagued her this past decade. I wish us all a healthier new decade but I'm grateful that if my mother had to get a brain tumor, at least she got one that could be removed.

My girls are my joy. Elena is eight months now and could easily win the title of "Happiest Baby on the Block." She is sitting up, managing to move about our apartment by dragging herself on her stomach with her arms and babbling up a storm. Her laugh is like the greatest love song I've ever heard. Her babyhood is flying by and sometimes I resent that I don't get to enjoy it without the interruption of another child.

But then Eliza is such a happy, flirty, musical, wiggling figure of a girl, I spend most days trying to hold onto that whirling, growing body as long as I can. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we've had these past few months, starting with my birthday in early November and culminating in the best Christmas ever. Her birthday on November 21st was one of the best day's of my life. We had a birthday party for her class at a local kiddie gym then returned home for a surprise party made of of C, his kids, my family and two of Eliza's closest friends. My father bought a helium tank and filled Eliza's playroom with 50 balloons. Eliza entered her home to find paradise. She enjoyed her celebration so much, she said "I'm sad my birthday's over. I want more birthday." It made moving closer to my parents so worth it.

And now Eliza's at an age where she really enjoyed decorating the tree, the story of Santa and tearing into presents with the fervor of a shark in a feeding frenzy. Even Elena seemed energized by tearing into packages, her huge eyes blazing with a seeming understanding that yes, all this booty was being given to her. Eliza enjoyed the holidays so much, any scrooge that I've developed over the past few years evaporated and I was suddenly, joyfully vibrating with Christmas spirit. We didn't get to do half the things I'd wanted to do--a local Christmas show, the Nutcracker, singing songs with local carolers. But we did get to go to Storybook Land for their holiday light spectacular, bake a Waltz of the Snowflakes and Nutcracker cake, see the "Snow Queen" play in New York, spend time with my friend Julie and her family, and drive around various towns looking at Christmas decorations. Our holidays couldn't have been better.

But now I'm sick with a seemingly endless cold/sinus infection. It may be time to visit the doctor with this one. I'll try to update you all more in the coming weeks. Thank you to those who've checked in during this time. You truly do keep me going.

And now please, enjoy yourselves and I wish you all the very best and more in this new year.

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