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Monday, September 15, 2008

Going by at warp speed

As the mother of a new baby, I heard the same phrase repeatedly from older family members, acquaintances and well-meaning strangers at rest stops: "They grow up fast.  Enjoy her."

So I did.  Writing down as many things as I could so I wouldn't forget.  Enjoying the sleeplessness because my extreme fatigue seemed to slow down time.  I'm still sleepless but time is now suddenly moving way too fast for me to recall most of the cute things my daughter does.  Something wonderful happens and I think, I have to write this down later but when I do, like now, I don't remember.  

Eliza started school last week.  I took the day off so I could take her.  I'm off this week and hopefully most of next so I can enjoy her as much as possible.  Now that she's in school three days a week, the days aren't only for the two of us.  As sad as that feels, I'm also looking forward to getting back to writing, real writing for the first time since she was born.  

Everything she does right now is so cute, so wonderful that it's too much to write down.  I stayed with her during the entire first day of school excluding nap time.  She did pretty well though she had a bit of a meltdown when it was time to sit down with clay and another kid sat in the seat she wanted to use.  When I came to get her after nap time, she told me "I want to stay in school."

Last week, my mother watched her for the day until my babysitter was available.  Eliza told my mother "I'm sad that Mommy's at work."  As my mother tried to discuss the topic with her, Eliza said something along the lines of "I don't understand why Mommy has to work."  My mother explained, and this is largely true, that Mama works so she can buy Eliza presents.  "She wants to buy you a Halloween costume."

This delighted Eliza who then started to skip all over the house, singing about her new Halloween costume.  And I did, I ordered her a doozy of a princess Halloween costume online.  C opened it when it arrived, causing whoops of delight from my daughter.  The following day, I decided to try it on Eliza.  "It fits perfect," she said as the layers of purple and pink fabric draped over her wonderful little body.  

"Thank you for my costume, Mama.  You got this for me," she said as she danced around, easily the loveliest princess ever.  "I like that Mama goes to work."

I laughed, understanding what she meant.  I'll also add that she's said she likes that I work because her Katie, Harry, (brother and sister) and her Tina (babysitter) come over. 

But today as we rode the bus home from school together, Eliza cuddled up with me and said "I'm glad you're home Mommy."

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