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Monday, September 15, 2008

What are you wearing?

I'm off work this week and its wonderful.  While I like being around adults and eating food some one else has prepared, the hours away from my daughter are tedious at best, and heartbreaking at worst.  The week following the labor day holiday was particularly brutal; I did not see or hold my daughter for three days in a row.  

By Thursday, I'd really had enough of no Eliza.  Sure, I know its temporary and eventually my daughter and I will be reunited, but three days in a row of watching the world go by while other people tend to my daughter completely was too much.  I remember crouching on the floor on the set that serves as our main character's office, begging Eliza to tell me what she was wearing.  I felt like some kind of pervert, intensely clutching the phone while I asked an underaged girl this question.  I was so desperate for a "look" at my daughter, somehow knowing that she wore her little red and blue dress with the fireworks, lulled me out of my misery for a bit.

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing her most of her laundry from the past two weeks.  In the space of those two weeks, she'd worn her new stretchy pants from Target, however not with the matching shirt, her pink shorts, her heart blue jeans and a variety of pink tee shirts.  I realized as I tossed the items into the washing machine that I hadn't seen her wear 90% of these items.  

Then I smiled knowing for the next week and more, I'll get to see exactly what my little daughter is wearing, day and night.

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