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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shopping with my little lady

Sometimes, I resent that I have to do practically everything with a child affixed to my leg that I forget these excursions are often the best times we spend together.  For example, I had to visit the local grocery store with Eliza this afternoon.  One time Eliza knocked over a jar of spaghetti sauce, splashing red sauce all over the floor.  Other nights have found me running down aisles in search of my daughter who thinks it's funny to run off and hide.

By the way, this store is only a short block away, I have a big stoop outside the entrance of my building and the store aisles are so narrow that I save the stroller for big trips only.  Just in case you're wondering why I choose to have Eliza walk beside me.

But then there are days like today when Eliza stays with me throughout the store, obediently puts objects down when I tell her too and some one else breaks a glass jar nearby.  Today, Eliza stood beside me and chatted to the cashiers, thoroughly charming them as I checked out.  Always wanting to be the helpful one, Eliza insisted on carrying the basket back to the store entrance where she placed it with the other baskets.  

It was a lovely excursion.  If only she'd eaten the dinner I'd prepared afterwards and would go to bed without a fight.

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