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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Pictures, Part Deux

One of my most loyal readers posted a comment today that just made my world. My mother has pancreatic cancer and I recently posted about my complete lack of photos of my mother and me during my childhood. I only have one photo of myself with my Mom from my childhood and this makes me so, so sad.

I haven't posted any photos from our Disney trip but here's a few, including one of me with the girls. I want them to have photos of us together, so they can see all the great things we did do together. We found out about my Mom's cancer shortly before the trip and we nearly didn't go. But my mom urged me to go and my father said that he seriously regretted never taking us to Disney.

So not only did I just make my first trip to Disney, I accomplished something my parents never did for me. And I did it all on my own.


Patty said...

So very glad you went to Disney with your daughters!!!! I took my daughter when she was in the 5th grade and she had the time of her life. It is a special time that your girls will ALWAYS remember!!! Praying for you and your mom - and your girls. What a hard time you are going through.

hell on heels said...

I think my online blog is documentation of all the fun I have had with my son. You will treasure these memories. Keep it up. I enjoy reading.