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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just because

And just because this is so freakin' cute, I must include this.  I sold my baby bjorn and my baby backpack on craigs list yesterday.  I'm not going to have another baby so I might as well clear some space on my shelves.  Eliza cried as the woman who bought the backpack left our building with her tiny baby on her back.
"I want my ladybug backpack!" Eliza cried.  I am not sure where the ladybug came from.  Earlier that day, when I'd put the backpack on to see if I could remember how it worked, Eliza saw it, shook her head and said "That's too small for Eliza."
Apparently, her feelings changed when I slid another baby onto another mother's back and said good-bye to my daughter's babyhood.  While corresponding with the mother who purchased the backpack, I emailed her this picture.  This is Eliza on C's back in Florence, Italy.  I had to share it with you...
Just because.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same backpack from the subway? My how things have changed since I started reading your blog.