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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The singing piano

I want to take a break from talking about Israel to make a note of just how much fun I'm having with my little lady these days.  I looked at baby photos of her recently and it's so odd how well I DON'T remember those days. I know I thought it couldn't possibly get any better and I longed to freeze her in the stage she was in then but I've felt that with her at every age.  

And now, she is SO MUCH fun!  She can also be a real handful at times but the good times now are so great, I just can't imagine it getting any better.  

Yesterday, after tumbling class, I took Eliza to the fountain at city hall for a little snack time.  It was an incredibly humid day with a thunderstorm in the forecast.  The clouds rolled in like the tide and the wind kicked in with swirling gusts.  I told Eliza that rain was coming and we had to go home and she said, "It's not raining.  It's bootful out."  I could see a light rain in the pools at the base of the fountain so I scooped her up and ran across the street so as not to miss the traffic light.

Safe from the rain under scaffolding (is anyone safe under scaffolding?), I started to walk.  "No Mama, run," Eliza said, apparently excited by our sprint across Park Row.  I asked her if she'd run with me and I set her on the ground.  Hand-in-hand, we ran through the streets of lower Manhattan while she giggled with glee and said "we have to run.  The rain's coming."

We didn't get caught in the rain.  In fact, I don't think the forecasted heavy storms even happened.  We had a lovely evening of leftovers and singing.  Eliza been singing this new tune she made up "You are my best friend in the world."  Last night I sounded it out on the piano.  Don't get me wrong, I got the keyboard as a gift several years ago and still can only play two pieces.  Eliza wanted me to play it on her little piano and when I sat at the big keyboard, she moved her little piano next to mine and hammered on it while we sang "You are my best friend in the world."  

She's been using the crank from my also unused pasta machine as a microphone.  Last night, she slid it into the slot created to hold sheet music and stood at the piano, singing into her microphone.  I marveled at her ingenuity.  

She's up and singing now so I gotta go.  I just wanted to record another wonderful day in the life of my girl.

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Anonymous said...

Stuff like this makes me wish you lived closer. She's so clever and fun and adventurous. It would be so much fun to see her play with Mason. And I don't know why blogger keeps giving me so much trouble with leaving comments. But I do remember having the same problem with uploading pics to it.